Pioneering Accessibility in eBooks: StudioC1C4 Leads the Charge for Inclusivity

Jean-Nicolas Boulay
1 min readMay 6, 2023
E-Books (source)

As the importance of digital accessibility continues to grow, government regulations are increasingly pressuring companies to ensure their websites and digital content cater not only to able-bodied individuals but to everyone, including those with disabilities. One company at the forefront of this movement, particularly in the realm of eBooks (ePubs), is StudioC1C4, founded by Jimmy Gagné.

Many book publishers struggle to make their ePubs accessible, but StudioC1C4 has been perfecting various technologies and techniques to streamline the process while adhering to the highest standards. They consistently achieve a 100% rating for Benetech certification.

StudioC1C4, a Québec-based company, offers services in both French and English. If you require assistance with your next eBook project, don’t hesitate to contact them. In addition to their work in digital accessibility, StudioC1C4 also provides services for physical books.

To contact them:

Full disclosure: I am currently involved with StudioC1C4, assisting in website development and other projects. However, my firsthand experience with the company only serves to emphasize their dedication to creating a more accessible digital landscape for all, including those with disabilities.